A Wonderful Kalavahana Experience

A Wonderful Kalavahana Experience
February 6, 2018 Devas Unlimited
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A Wonderful Kalavahana Experience

Kalavahana is a very deep healing process from the ancient Sri Vidya tradition. The process involves

  • Cleansing/purifying you
  • Invoking the Goddess in you
  • Worshipping you as the Goddess

It begins with invoking the Guru, the Agni kalas, the Surya kalas, the Chandra kalas, Brahma kalas, Vishnu kalas, Rudra kalas, Iswara kalas, Sadashiva kalas, each corresponding to the major chakras. The various Gods are invoked in the person.

The impact of the process is such that it recalibrates you to the Goddess energy. Abhishekam is performed to the Sri Yantra during this practice. In essence, the abhishekam is performed on you. Finally, through intense chanting you are worshipped as the goddess.

This healing is for both men and women. It awakens your nurturing aspect, when you want to experience the divinity within.

Kalavahana is also a deeply cleansing and purifying process. It aligns you with your divine Self. It brings about the balance of the masculine and feminine /Shiva-Shakti within.

When one feels that there is nothing more important than the urge to realize the divinity within, then one is ready to experience the Kalavahana.

I had a beautiful experience when doing the Kalavahana on an elderly lady who was in the hospital. The lady was in the ICU and suffering tremendously. Her family requested for this healing to be performed on her. The Kalavahana was performed on her remotely as she was lying on the hospital bed. The energies experienced during this session were phenomenal as the petals of each chakra blossomed, allowing her to feel joyous, whole and revitalized.

In this age, as the Sathya yuga is beginning we all need to balance the divine feminine within ourselves. What a wonderful gift from Creation in the form of the Kalavahana to be able to do this!!

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  1. Author
    Devas Unlimited 2 years ago

    Thank you for your appreciation.

  2. Punitha Manoharan 1 year ago

    My heartiest Pranams to Dr.Sola and Mrs.Sola.
    I’m crazy or mad about your talks and try to keep listening at my best available time and not just listening but practicing as well.
    one day at my work, as a very smart person, was listening with my earphones on my ears.
    my co-worker came to me closer to ask something and I took my earphones to hear him and he said “u did not plug ur earphones and its so loud that everyone is looking at you” and I felt bad; but he said “No, its all good stuff that we all heard!!”
    Guess how I would have felt.
    Again my sincere thank you to all who maintain the website.

    • Author
      Devas Unlimited 1 year ago

      Thank you for your love and appreciation. God Bless!

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