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Devic Retreats at Devas Unlimited


What are Devic retreats?

Devic Retreats or Spiritual Retreats give you the time and space to go within, to remind yourself that you are and have always been consciousness and to practice being consciousness! They are a stupendous opportunity to recharge yourself in the sanctuary of your inner love, peace and bliss that always is.

Purpose of the Devic Retreats

There was a reason the rishis and masters in ancient times always chose ‘nature’ to do ‘tapas’ (penance) – the pure energies of nature act as a powerful catalyst in raising the ego-mind based self to the higher Self. When sadhana is done in the vibrations of ‘prakriti’ (nature), the effect is multi-fold and can be experienced instantly because when you are in nature manifesting is easy.

In our Devic Retreats, music plays an essential role. Through the purity of ‘naad’ (sound), you have the change to familiarize yourself with the pure consciousness you already are.

What you can expect at the Retreat?

A few days disconnected from the external world of deadlines, targets, demands of family, and stress of daily life, you can expect soul stirring experiences through activities such as treks to connect with the nature Devas, music and meditation, in some retreats even dance and meditation, and jal siddi, and above all just being in the moment and going with the flow of life.

What are the benefits of attending a Devic Retreat?


A Devic Retreat is a true treat for all nature and music lovers and seekers of the truth! The serene surroundings of the captivating locations and the enchanting divine music will unwind you completely into a natural state of silence within.


Enveloped in the loving embrace and radiance of the Devas, retreats are tremendously healing for the soul!

Simply Blissful!

A retreat is specially designed in the loving guidance of the Devas. All you are expected to do is simply enjoy being yourself; and you are bound to experience divine bliss and nothing less!

Special Meditations

Awaken to your divine reality through powerful guided meditations during the retreat. Merely being receptive, you will transcend mind and body level identifications and experience divine union!

Divine Family

Living in the loving company of other embodiments of divine love, in a beautiful place blessed with Devic presence, makes it a truly joyful experience! Moreover, coming together in spiritual communion has a ripple effect on all those participating, and inevitably the surroundings too.


Just participating in and enjoying these sessions, one unmistakably feels themselves transformed!


How awesome is the Devic Weekend Retreat going to be?

Expect Devic Weekend Retreat to be extra special in every way!
Devas shower their boundless love in abundance, as they treat us to three phenomenally energizing sessions this retreat! Never before have we had Music, Dance and Jal Yoga together in one retreat!

Naad Brahma (Music) will take you away on an experience transcending the body and mind.
Natya Brahma (Dance) will have the body, mind and heart dancing together in absolute divine bliss!
Jal Siddhi (Meditation in water) will calm the senses, silence the mind, and rejuvenate the heart in divine love through a special guided meditation.

These sessions will unequivocally leave you transformed!
All you have to do is leave all worries to the Devas, simply let your hair down and enjoy yourself!

Surrounded by tall and beautiful hills and vegetation, and a swimming pool opening to the skies, the resort provides an ideal environment for the retreat.

A heavenly location, Devas in full glory, fun, laughter, bliss, and peace – it’s a true Devic Festival!

To know more about the weekend retreat visit www.devasunlimited.com/devicretreatfeb2020

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