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  • Naadbrahma – Uncovering the Shakti within

    Shakti or Divine mother is simply the inwardly imagined MOVEMENT of the SAT principle we call AWARENESS that is...

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  • Naadabrahma Devas Academy Meditation Workshop

    There are many schools on the higher planes that help us to learn, gain knowledge and expand our consciousness....

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  • Stepping Stone Practice

    Maintain Ananda and Gratitude All of us are buffeted about by unwanted thoughts, vasanas (tendencies), and vrittis (disturbances of...

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  • Message from the Devas

    Enjoy Infinite Abundance Everything that you need for your Divine life purpose is continuously offered to you. What would...

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  • A Wonderful Kalavahana Experience

    A Wonderful Kalavahana Experience Kalavahana is a very deep healing process from the ancient Sri Vidya tradition. The process...

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