Do you have the Right Foundation?

Do you have the Right Foundation?
May 29, 2020 Devas Unlimited
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A good construction or building is one that has a solid foundation. Ever wondered why we have to dig deep before starting a high-rise building? The engineering wisdom is that the taller the structure, the deeper should be the foundation stone. While this is definitely a phenomenal intelligence that we can apply to things outside of us, this wisdom is also true when it comes to how we operate in the world as individuals.

If you wish to create a lasting impact on the outside, then there must be a direct correlation of that result with the depth of your awareness on the inside. So, “How to measure this depth on the inside?”, You may ask. When do we know the borewell, digging underground for water, has hit the mark? When the water comes gushing out! A pretty simple indicator isn’t it?. Similarly, when ‘peace’ comes gushing out of your core, you know you have gone deep enough in your awareness!

Peace is the foundation for a successful life on the outside. Any activity taken up in this world should always be accompanied by the backdrop of peace.

Peace + Activity = Success

It would be apt to clarify that success here is not a result we are seeking on the outside but the very fulfillment of an activity with the bedrock of peace, leaving a feeling of fullness that cannot be equated with any result achieved on the outside. At that point, the activity becomes merely a doorway through which peace truly enters your phenomenal world.

Your Crystal Deva buddies that can help you go effortlessly in your own depths to discover the peace that is already present are:

  • Himalayan Quartz: This one will help you discover the Mountain of Peace that is already within you. Keep it in your home/office space in the form of clusters and watch the magic deepen.
  • Green Jade: This one is a gentle one. Hug her close in the form of a Japamala (rosary) or a Merkabah and watch how your life transforms into a symphony of peace.



For peace in the current global situation, the Crystal Devas suggest the above key crystals. However, there are several other crystal Devas who are available for peace. You can also use the Amethyst Deva, Amazonite Deva, and Howlite Deva to support you in discovering your reservoir of peace.

Have a Peace filled weekend Ahead!

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