If this is a spiritual service, why do you charge? Shouldn’t spiritual services be free?

For many years, Shivani offered Deva sessions for free to friends and family members when she was not busy with her family or working as an investment banker. However, when she moved to India in 2008, she was asked by her guru to give up investment banking and work with the Devas full time. He even named her business, laughing “Devas Unlimited? Unlimited Devas!” In addition, He told her “Charge for your services. Keep it strictly business.”

We charge only for our professional services, which are offered with the utmost integrity and purity. We keep our fees lower than what is typically charged by other spiritual service providers, and offer an even lower rate for clients living in India or other developing countries. Our fees have not increased in the last 4 years. Proceeds from the sale of our DVDs are donated to charity, typically to orphanages and schools in poverty stricken areas that we have physically visited and work with directly. Our weekly meditations, meditations downloads, periodic satsangs, and Cutting Ties work are of course offered for free.

All of our professional services (with the exception of house clearings) will be available to everyone for free through the Academy.

Who are the Devas?

Devas are divine beings, filled with the radiance of God’s love. There are many different types of Devas who have been assigned different tasks for the proper functioning of the Universe, from maintaining the order of the cosmos to nurturing every living being. Devas always speak and act from Divine Love. They are to God as the rays of the sun are to the sun itself.

All of us have guardian Devas and Devic guides who have been assigned by God to guide, protect, and nurture us. Our Devas are waiting to help us to fill our lives with greater joy, peace and abundance. Yet, they cannot help us unless we ask.

My Deva session was a life transforming experience. Can I come back for another session?

In general, we do not recommend more than one Deva session. We encourage all our clients to follow the angelic guidance they received during the session and learn to connect with the Devas on their own. This policy has led some of our clients to joke, “A Deva session with Shivani or Shaguna is a once in a life time experience!” But it is very easy to learn to connect to the Devas on your own. Our Divine Guidance DVD takes you through this step by step (proceeds from the sale of our DVDs are donated to charity).

A Timeline Healing can be scheduled sometime after a Deva session only if permission is given by the Devas.

I already follow my own religious beliefs. Why should I ask the Devas for help?

Every religious faith speaks about angels or Devas. The Devas are non-denominational, and are part of God’s plan to provide us with all types of assistance. We find that when people connect with the Devas, their practice of their chosen spiritual path deepens and becomes more fulfilling.

I don’t go to the temple or follow any religious practices. I’m not a spiritual person. Will the Devas still help me?

Of course. We are all born with 2 or more guardian Devas who have been with us for lifetime after lifetime. We are the purpose of their lives. They do not judge us based on whether or not we follow any spiritual or religious beliefs.

If I ask the Devas for help, am I increasing my dependence on them?

No. By allowing the Devas to help us, we become more in tune with the God self that we really are.

What kind of questions should I ask the Devas?

The best types of questions are those that ask for the highest good for all concerned in a particular situation. Avoid predictive or prophecy type questions, as these are unlikely to be answered (“Will my son get a job? When/will my daughter get married?) The Devas insist on us living in the now moment, and will always direct their answers to what is best for you to do in this present moment.

They respect our free will, as well as the free will of others. They cannot tell you what others are thinking, feeling, or doing, as this would violate the privacy and free will of that individual (What does he think about me? Does she love me? Are they jealous of me?).

Why do I need to ask the Devas for help each time? If they are my Devas shouldn’t they know what I need?

Universal law prohibits beings from higher dimensions of consciousness from interfering with the free will decisions of those on this 3rd dimension. As long as we do not ask for help, the Devas cannot lend their assistance, except for life threatening situations which might end your life prior to the completion of your life contract.

Can I schedule a Deva session during my monthly periods?

Yes. The Devas do not see us as impure. From their perspective, we are beautiful, Divine, and perfect.

Can I talk to the Devas on my own?

Anyone can talk to the Devas. All you need is a clear conscious and a quiet heart. To talk and listen to your Devas, you have to:

– Be quiet inside. We connect best in the harmony of silence.

– Breathe deeply.

– Ask to connect with your Devas. The more we call upon the Devas, the more they can come to our assistance.

– Believe that the Devas are here and waiting to talk to you.

Are the Devas going to ask me to give up things in life? Are they going to ask me to live like a monk or sadhu?

The Devas tell us that we are Divine beings having a temporary human experience. Many of us, however, have been in a deep slumber for many, many lifetimes, and are only now beginning to wake up.

As Divine beings, we have access to the limitless abundance that the universe is ready to give us. The Devas are not interested in our becoming monks or sadhus, nor do they want us to give up the things we need to live comfortably. However, they will ask you to transform yourselves, and to give up all that is not you.

What if I don’t have anything to ask the Devas? I’m not sure what to ask.

The Devas operate from Divine wisdom. If you have nothing to ask, they will share with you whatever it is that you need to hear now.

Is there a minimum age for a Deva session?

Our clients need to be old enough to understand the guidance the Devas are giving them and, more importantly, have the maturity to take responsibility for their lives and follow through on the guidance. Deva sessions for children require that the child be at least 8 years of age. A parent or legal guardian may listen in or record the session with the permission of Shivani/Shaguna.

Will my privacy be maintained?

Absolutely. Devas Unlimited respects your privacy. We do not share your information with anyone.