Naadbrahma with Navagraha Devas

Naadbrahma with Navagraha Devas

Life on Earth is influenced by certain Celestial movements, particularly of Nine Planets! They are the Navagrahas, named mainly after the Nine Devas embodying each Planet – Surya (Sun), Chandra (Moon), Mangala (Mars), Buddh (Mercury), Guru (Jupiter), Shukra (Venus), Shani (Saturn), Rahu and Ketu (shadow planets)!

These Navagraha Devas have specific qualities and powers and their positions with respect to the Earth have unique effects on Global and Individual well-being! Thereby, you experience a direct impact on your life, in very fundamental ways – body, mind, and spirit!

Join us for this incredibly special Naadabrahma as beautiful divine melodies powerfully elevate you into the Highest Divine realms to seek the blessings of the Navagraha Devas! The Devas bring us this unique opportunity, at this very crucial time on Earth, to connect, understand the significance, and harmonize our energies with the nine Navagraha Devas, all truly aspects of your Eternal Divine Self!

Come, dear Atmaselves, join us as we go Higher with the Devas with each Naadabrahma!


June 14th, 2020

17.30 hrs to 18.30 hrs IST

8.00 to 9.00 hrs EST

Presenters: Shivani Sinha Sola & Niraj Golwalkar


LIVE online, via Zoom.


For queries emails us on events@devasunlimited.com or Whatsapp on +919515104439


Participants within India

Fee: INR 250 to INR 350 (pay as you wish)

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Participants outside of India

Fee: USD 15 to USD 24 (pay as you wish)

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